Charity benefits as hen do becomes more chicken run 2023

Charity benefits as hen do becomes more chicken A sales supervisor from Bracknell, aged 36, surprised her friends by revealing that her eagerly awaited ‘hen do’ would involve participating in the Windsor Half-Marathon. Nadia Baker (formerly Strilciw) married 40-year-old soldier James Baker in late October. Fresh from the couple’s honeymoon in Australia and Thailand, she explained the origin of this unique pre-wedding tradition.

Charity benefits as hen do becomes more chicken run 2023

She said:

“I aimed to achieve something meaningful instead of just indulging in a typical hen do with excessive drinking. Therefore, I enjoyed the festive, drinking aspect of the celebration at the beginning of September. Given my penchant for charity fundraising and participation in various fun runs, I decided to undertake a half marathon. There was no alcohol involved before the run.

Considering my impending marriage to someone in the army – James, who has served in the Royal Signals for 12½ years – I chose to align my efforts with Help for Heroes and raise funds for the charity.”

Unsurprisingly, the initial response from her friends was quite varied. However, her sister, Rachael Holmes, 40, a project manager from Warfield, and cousin, Cathy James, 44, a sales director from Woking, were enthusiastic about giving it a try.

Nadia laughed:

On the other hand, my cousin, Cathy, who is already an avid runner, opted to support us by running alongside. Throughout the event, fellow runners were incredibly supportive, offering congratulations, inquiring about the wedding, questioning why I was wearing a veil; one person even asked if I was a real bride. In response, I asserted, ‘Of course; I’m not going to put on a veil and just run for a bit of a giggle.’ So far, the ‘hen run’ for Nadia’s fundraising has garnered £445 for the Armed Forces charity. Sarah Whattam, Help for Heroes’ Senior Fundraising Manager, expressed gratitude, saying, “We were blown away when we heard how Nadine and her sister raised the money, so our thanks go out to them. While we have many supporters who raise money for us in a run, this is the first instance we’ve heard of it being part of a hen do.”

She laughed:

We unanimously agreed that we would have sided with Nadine’s friends! This has sparked a thought: perhaps we should offer support packages for hen and stag-night fundraising. The possibilities are limitless; just share the broad strokes with us.

Help for Heroes passionately advocates for the Armed Forces community, ensuring they thrive post-service. The organization aids veterans and their families in their recovery and pursuit of a fulfilling life. Having already assisted over 30,000 individuals, Help for Heroes remains dedicated until every veteran receives the deserving support.

The charity extends its support to veterans and their families across all branches of the UK military, whether regulars or reserves, without regard to the length or location of service. Additionally, it welcomes locally embedded civilians and their families who collaborated with our Armed Forces.”

Charity Benefits as ‘Hen Do’ Becomes More ‘Chicken Run’

The evolution of traditional ‘hen dos’ has taken a fascinating turn in recent times. What used to be a night of revelry and celebration before a wedding has transformed into something more meaningful. Enter the era of ‘chicken run’ charity events, where participants combine fun and philanthropy in an innovative and impactful way.

The Evolution of Hen Parties

In the past, ‘hen dos’ were synonymous with bar-hopping, spa days, and cheeky games. While these activities still have their place, there’s a growing trend toward unique and unconventional experiences. The rise of adventure-based activities and the choice of unique destinations have shifted the focus from traditional to more personalised and memorable experiences.

The Rise of ‘Chicken Run’ Charity Events

The ‘chicken run’ phenomenon involves turning the traditional ‘hen do’ into a charitable event. It’s all about infusing joy into fundraising efforts.

The advantages extend beyond the participants, benefiting the community at large. Not only do these events raise funds, but they also foster a sense of community engagement.

Numerous successful ‘chicken run’ charity events showcase the positive impact on local charities and communities. These events not only meet fundraising goals but also create lasting bonds.

Impact on Local Charities and Communities

The funds raised often go toward supporting local initiatives, contributing to the well-being of communities.

Planning Your Own ‘Chicken Run’ Charity Event

Selecting a cause that resonates with participants ensures a meaningful and impactful event.

Securing sponsors and effective marketing are crucial components of planning a successful ‘chicken run.’ Participants often find emotional fulfilment in contributing to a cause larger than themselves. The collaborative effort required for these events strengthens bonds among participants.

Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Whole ‘chicken runs’ bring joy, they also present logistical challenges that require careful planning.

Addressing expectations ensures a positive experience for all involved.

Personal Anecdotes

Participants share transformative experiences, reinforcing the positive impact of ‘chicken run’ events. The personal growth and fulfilment experienced by participants further highlight the value of combining fun with charity.

Leveraging Social Media for Event Promotion

Creating a buzz on social media amplifies the reach and impact of ‘chicken run’ events. Crafting a positive online narrative ensures that the event’s message resonates with a broader audience.

The Future of ‘Chicken Run’ Charity Events

As the popularity of ‘chicken runs’ grows, anticipating future trends becomes essential for organisers.

The ripple effect of these events suggests the potential for a global movement that transcends borders. The psychological benefits for participants include improved mental well-being and a sense of purpose. Contributing to a charitable cause provides participants with a profound sense of accomplishment.

Expert Opinions

Insights from those behind the scenes shed light on the planning and execution of successful ‘chicken run’ charity events.Psychologists weigh in on the psychological benefits of combining fun with philanthropy.


In conclusion, the transformation of ‘hen dos’ into ‘chicken run’ charity events signifies a positive shift towards more meaningful and impactful celebrations. Participants not only enjoy a unique experience but also contribute to the well-being of communities. Embrace the trend and consider organising or participating in a ‘chicken run’ event for a truly fulfilling experience.

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